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*Wholesale enquiries:

Crochet kits and buttons are available wholesale. Please send me an email to including details of how many you would like to purchase and I will contact you back with prices.

*Where do you purchase your buttons from?

All of my buttons are handmade by me in London using papers and fabrics sourced from around the world, and include many Japanese washi papers and fabrics not avaible in the UK. They are made using either vintage buttons or a base of resin upon which the fabrics are placed and sealed.

*Are the buttons safe for washing?

The resin based buttons are suitable for washing up to 60 degrees, with exception of the Swarovski crystal buttons.

Swarovski crystal buttons should not be washed in a washing machine and should only be cool hand washed due to the delicate nature of the crystals.

Vintage based buttons are suitable for cool wash in a machine or preferably hand wash only.

Whilst every effort has been made to make the buttons water proof and safe for machines, unfortunately this can not be guaranteed.

*Do you have any buttons in X colour?

Hopefully you can find the perfect buttons to match your project. I also have many more buttons at ToftyMakes tower, so I can hopefully find something to match. Please contact me for more info. If, however you can not find the perfect match, please contact me at Emma@ToftyMakes and I can customise colours and sizes to match your project. This is at no extra cost, but lead times can vary. When I contact you I will tell you how long it will take to make your order.

*Where can I purchase your items in person?

At the moment I am only selling my items online, but I am looking into selling various items in a few shops around London.

*Hang on aren't you that girl who's involved in knitting graffiti?

Rumours are rife as to my other lives, but I can not confirm or deny this vicious rumour. You may find further answers at I'd love to tell you but I'd have to kill you and I really don't want to do that, so please stop asking!